How can I have my courses hosted here?

Step 1 Sign a mutual Confidentiality Agreement – this is a simple agreement that says “We will not talk about the details of your business and you will not share the details of ours.”  Good fences make good neighbors and we feel it’s best to set boundaries in writing when conducting business.

Step 2 Discuss the details and set expectations – a frank conversation where we share what we can provide for you: basically we will host your content, provide order fulfillment, customer service  and website technical support.  All questions will be answered before moving to the next step…including what we charge for these services.

Step 3 Sign a Contract for Services – we have a pretty straightforward Contract for Service we will send you. We recommend you submit it for review with your legal beagle before signing. Feel free to ask about any unclear items—with no hesitation. When we’re all in accord, we’ll sign you up…and get started!

Start by sending us a note – click here to contact us.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started…

…but then the work begins!