Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics Training Program: Now Upgraded


NEW! Fundamental Course Now Offers Guided Narration

Permanent Cosmetics industry leader Marjorie Grimm has done it again!  We are so proud here at to offer another revolutionary training program. Marjory has built upon her fundamentals program and made it better.

Trainers now have two option for their presentations:

Trainer-Directed Presentations


  • Original “click to advance” option lets you  have full control  
  • Excellent for theory-level distance learning
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Use your own anecdotes and narrative throughout
  • Allows for easy integration of your brand

Guided-Narration Presentations


  • Narrated presentations can be set to play automatically
  • Use the narrations to build your own talking points
  • Perfect for enhanced distance learning
  • Can be pre-class assignments for your students
  • Can be interactive presentations fostering important discussion

More Benefits in this Upgrade:

  1. Some Lessons have been reorganized for enhanced flow and include new information.
  1. There is a new Lesson included: The Fundamental Study of Skin, an essential building block of fundamental permanent cosmetics training.
  2. The downloadable training materials have been reviewed and refreshed and additions made to incorporate new information in the program.


“I’m so thrilled with this latest innovation,” states Grimm. “Karen Hodges, my website admin and course designer, has done a great job guiding me into this modern teaching method. I’m inspired…so let’s see what’s next!”

Bookmark this website! New courses are in development, now.

Click here to read more about the Guided-Narration program.

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