Marjorie Grimm Publishes Online Training

Grimm entered the PMU industry in 1992 and has become an icon well known for her contributions in education. Through the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), she became a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP).  She served on the SPCP Board of Directors and was appointed as President from 2003–2005. She has also served as the SPCP’s Materials and Media Manager, Legislative Consultant and the Assistant Editor for the SPCP Quarterly. She has been a Certified Trainer Member and Subject Matter Expert (SME) as well as a significant contributor to the SPCP’s Train the Trainer program.

It was through the development of her training manual in 1999 that the concept of writing a textbook for the industry became a reality. Permanent Cosmetics – The Foundation of Fundamental Applications is considered an industry “bible.” In 2018, the Second Edition of the textbook was published, along with updated companion student and trainer workbooks. This textbook is used by trainers globally, as well as by experienced technicians who wish to tap into Marjorie’s knowledge and perspective on the industry.

Fundamental level education and Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory (PCCT)™ (primary and advanced) have been hallmarks of Marjorie’s training programs. Her list of the high-profile industry professionals she has trained reads like a Who’s Who of permanent makeup. As the developer of training materials, she continues her support to all who wish to provide high-standard programs. The fundamental training programs she offers are an extension of the straightforward and effective training techniques; they take the student on a well-developed educational journey through each presentation.

When Grimm put together a a fundamental program for her students. she was advised she should sell her program and it intrigued her.  Grimm shares, “I wanted to see if my Fundamentals program could be of use to others.”  She sold this program to several trainers who wanted good fundamental training, but did not have the time or knowledge necessary to create their own comprehensive programs. 

Recently, conversations with other training experts in the industry revived Grimm’s interest in her fundamental program. She was encouraged to revise and update her content for new relevant information and developments in the current permanent cosmetics scene. One of her colleagues suggested that she should put her training lessons on the internet. 

Marjorie states “I have become aware of the increase in online training, and while nothing can replace supervised, hands-on training by a qualified professional trainer, there are certain theory topics that lend themselves to distance learning. I was excited when my friend, Shanan Zickefoose, introduced me to Karen Hodges who is an expert in online education platforms.” Grimm’s Fundamental program will be only the first online lesson she writes. “I’m hoping Marjorie will write many more lessons for us,” says Hodges.

“The website, will hopefully become a repository for ‘master classes’ by PMU industry experts,” states Hodges. “The idea is to capture the knowledge and wisdom held by our groundbreaking mentors so it’s preserved for us all.”  Any permanent makeup veterans with classes, or plans for classes, who need a hosting site should contact Karen Hodges for details. 

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