Marjorie Grimm

Well-known and respected educator, author and speaker in the cosmetic tattoo industry, Marjorie Grimm began her career as a permanent cosmetic artist in 1992.

“As a person who valued the benefits of conventional makeup in order to feel confident, permanent cosmetics was an exciting option for me personally. I believed people shouldn’t have to work so hard to be comfortable with their appearance; I was hooked on PMU.It was a natural transition to offer the same convenience to others but the industry was young, and training and resources were sparse. The rest is history, as they say.”    — MG


It was through the development of her training manual in 1999 that the concept of writing a textbook for the industry became a reality. Permanent Cosmetics – The Foundation of Fundamental Applications is considered an industry “bible.” In 2018, the Second Edition of the textbook was published, along with updated companion student and trainer workbooks. This textbook is used by trainers globally, as well as by experienced technicians who wish to tap into Marjorie’s knowledge and perspective on the industry.

Fundamental level education and Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory (PCCT)™ (primary and advanced) have been hallmarks of Marjorie’s training programs. Her list of the high-profile industry professionals she has trained reads like a Who’s Who of permanent makeup. As the developer of training materials, she continues her support to all who wish to provide high-standard programs. The fundamental training programs she offers are an extension of the straightforward and effective training techniques; they take the student on a well-developed educational journey through each presentation.

Marjorie’s career achievements are noteworthy.  Through the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), she became a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP).  She served on the SPCP Board of Directors and was appointed as President from 2003–2005. She has also served as the SPCP’s Materials and Media Manager, Legislative Consultant and the Assistant Editor for the SPCP Quarterly. She has been a Certified Trainer Member and Subject Matter Expert (SME) as well as a significant contributor to the SPCP’s Train the Trainer program.

Marjorie, has been honored as an esteemed recipient of the SPCP’s highest honor, Industry Leader Award. In 2005 Marjorie also co-authored a chapter about permanent cosmetics in a medical aesthetics book with Dr. Efran Arrovave, MD, Medical Director, Aesthetic Medical Education Resources.

“I’ve enjoyed the journey and am proud of what has been accomplished to enhance the availability of respected educational products and learning opportunities for the industry.”    — MG

Her interest in providing excellent training to the burgeoning permanent cosmetics industry is ongoing.  The publication of her comprehensive trainer’s resource, Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics Training Program, as an online program, is her initial foray into distance learning. There is a need for many additional training programs beyond these fundamentals.

To contact Marjorie directly, email her at [email protected]


If I were asked to identify people who had a substantial impact on the education of our industry, Marjorie Grimm, CPCP, would be the first. Through both editions of her textbooks with companion workbooks, and the development of a global fundamental trainer program, she has set the bar that everyone else must aspire to achieve.

Kate Ciampi Shergold, CPCP
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Majorie Grimm
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 by Mary Spence
Marjorie is the best!

I plan on purchasing this fundamental class program as soon as it becomes available.  I cannot wait for it’s release! My trust that it is of high quality and perfect for me as a trainer is based on my professional experiences with Marjorie.  Marjorie is an effective educator; she gets to the point and makes everything so easy to understand due to her amazing gift with words! She really does explain things in the most creative of ways but more importantly in a way you can understand.

Thank you, Mary, for your enthusiasm. We will be sure to pass along your comments to Marjorie!