Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics Training Program

Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics Training Program:

Trainer-Directed Version

Online comprehensive fundamental lessons for trainer use consisting of lesson presentations chock full of photos and graphics, lesson plans, downloadable and printable Instructor’s Manual and much more helpful tips, techniques and supplementary information for your use.  The content for this course is available to deliver directly from this website to your students in a live classroom setting or on any screen sharing program. Several different browsers, various devices and many display options have been tested.

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This course is a comprehensive turn-key training program for PMU Trainers/Educators. Each lesson presentation is in the 40-50 slide range for efficient educational time management. This version is TRAINER DIRECTED, allowing you complete control of your presentations.

This program also includes a 38-page Instructor’s Manual to download (we recommend that you print it for note taking). The Instructor’s Manual contains a detailed outline for each lesson (there are 11, currently) so that trainers are able to note the appropriate timing for the introduction of their specific products and techniques unique to their class. The Manual also includes helpful class organizational information and fundamental student insights based on Marjorie’s vast experience as a trainer.

Other materials provided to trainers who purchase this course are:

  • Navigating This Course – instructions for the website features and technical support contact information.
  • 100-hour Lesson Plan (Syllabus).
  • SPCP Textbook Integration Manual.
  • Skin Undertones and Fitzpatrick Type – supplemental instructional material.
  • Eyebrow Drawing Exercise.
  • Student Conducted Procedures Form.
  • Student Performance Evaluation Form.
  • Student worksheets for the What’s My Eyebrow Color? exercise.

Lesson topics are as follows:

Safe Practices for Permanent Cosmetic Technicians – This lesson presentation gives the trainer the opportunity to reinforce many OSHA standards expected to be practiced in their class and to introduce specific products and location within the studio of personal protection equipment.

This lesson presentation is not a replacement for an OSHA class in the United States (or other country regulatory mandates).

Permanent Cosmetic Client Management – This lesson presentation is focused on encouraging the trust of clients and recognizing stressful signs that require a technician’s attention to ensure the client feels they are being well-cared for.

Psychology and Permanent Cosmetics,  A bonus lesson (optional narrated version is included in the Fundamental Training Program) – Psychology and Permanent Cosmetics offers professional explanation for commonly seen client behavior patterns.  Greg Shergold, who holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, contributed to this program’s content to give you awareness that can guide you in negotiating client interactions. Gaining understanding of the dynamics portrayed by the behavioral patterns of clients can inform client management strategies. Successful client transactions lead to more relaxed work sessions and even more referrals. It is a perfect companion to the Client Management lesson presentation.

Fundamental Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory (PCCT)®  Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory (PCCT)® is different from traditional color theory.  The complementary colors are different and we tattoo color into a canvas that has a color of its own; one that changes in color as it ages.  It is very important that technicians understand and employ permanent cosmetic color theory.

This lesson presentation provides students with basic non-product-specific information and prepares them for pigments/inks specific to the trainer’s classroom training.

The Fundamental Study of Skin Undertones and Permanent Cosmetics – Fundamental classes must include accurate information about our living canvas–the skin. The offering of a fundamental level training program was an appropriate opportunity for me to pass along integral parts of Identification of Skin Undertones, a program which has been presented for many years in the successful ColorPro™ Permanent Cosmetic Color Program. The information is presented in a manner that new technicians, people who have not had the experience of tattooing color into the skin, can easily relate to.

Selecting Permanent Cosmetic Procedure Colorants – While there is no magical training technique that can give students all the information a trainer has acquired over their years of experience, they can be given standard color information along with training on identification of skin undertones and permanent cosmetic color theory as a sound foundation.

In this non-product-specific lesson presentation, trainers reinforce colorant information that will assist the newer technician to develop their skills when choosing a color for a particular procedure. Pigment/ink brands or types (inorganic/organic) are not mentioned.

Anesthetics and Permanent Cosmetics – The permanent cosmetic industry has a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) types of anesthetics to use during tattooing procedures. Anesthetic creams, gels, and liquids, and their safe use practices are discussed. In this non-product-specific lesson presentation, brand names are not mentioned.

Fundamental Eyebrow Procedures – This lesson is appropriate for trainers of all techniques, tattooing devices, and needle preferences.  It provides students with basic non-product-specific information. Creating symmetry, design and brow mapping, asymmetry challenges, and marking the eyebrow template are among the many subjects covered in this lesson presentation.

Fundamental Eyeliner Procedures – This lesson is appropriate for trainers of all eyeliner techniques, tattooing devices, and needle preferences.  The need to perform procedures safely, the eyeliner canvas, inspecting the canvas and the eyes for abnormalities and joining upper and lower eyeliners are among the many subjects covered in this lesson presentation.

Fundamental Shaded/Blended Lip Liners – Fundamental lip tattooing is normally focused on shaded/blended lip liners as opposed to full lip procedures.

This lesson presentation prepares students with many aspects of properly vetting a potential shaded/blended lip liner. A few of the subjects discussed are lip anatomy, the ideal client, benign lip conditions, common lip conditions, and departing from the lip vermilion border.

Fundamental Shaded/Blended Lip Liners

Fundamental lip tattooing is normally focused on shaded/blended lip liners as opposed to full lip procedures.

Lip procedure clients require vetting in many arenas.  First and foremost, clients need to be realistic about the color and pigment placement; many clients may envision tattooing substituting for their favorite lipstick color or the appearance of their lips after lip fillers.  This lesson presentation prepares students with many aspects of properly vetting a potential shaded/blended lip liner.

A few of the subjects discussed are lip anatomy, the ideal client, benign lip conditions, common lip conditions, and departing from the lip vermilion border.

What is My Eyebrow Color? – This lesson can be used in a number of effective ways during class. Provided is a downloadable workbook that can be printed out and given to each student after the presentations of The Fundamental Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory (PCCT)™, The Fundamental Study of Skin Undertones, and Selecting Permanent Cosmetic Colorants are given.  If used in this manner, it provides the student the opportunity to refer to their printed workbook as models arrive and pigments/inks are chosen for each model’s eyebrow procedures.

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Fundamental Permanent Cosmetic Training Program
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 2 reviews
by Shanan Zickefoose on Fundamental Permanent Cosmetic Training Program
Comprehensive Turn-key Program

Marjorie created a comprehensive fundamental program and it has been an asset for trainers for several years. She has recently gone through the strenuous task of developing an entirely new program so it will captivate the next generation of cosmetic tattoo professionals. This new program provides even more clear and concise information in a powerpoint presentation format for trainers to utilize in their live classroom presentations. Margie has added many new things to this program such as Psychology and Permanent Cosmetics, a very valuable addition, as we trainers must guide our students concerning how the clients will view their new procedures as a permanent life change. I received a sneak peak at the new program and I am so excited to present this to my students. This program is nothing like the one I previously taught from, and I am excited to introduce this new program to my incoming students. This program is a trainer's dream come true. I cannot wait to promote this to other trainers in this industry!

Thank you so much for your endorsement, Shanan. As one of the industry’s leading educators, your opinion is priceless!

by Mary Spence on Fundamental Permanent Cosmetic Training Program

Marjorie has taught me all the colour theory I know to this day and she made it unbelievably easy! Hence the reason I want to pass on this  essential knowledge to my students, through her easy to understand methods.

I feel super excited to deliver such an amazing standard of training and it’s all thanks to this lady’s genius! I’m so glad she’s decided to share her methods and allow us as trainers to offer such comprehensive learning experiences!

Mary, thank you! We think Marjorie's course is Aces, too!

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