Revolutionary New Course Offering

If you are a permanent cosmetics trainer (or want to be) here’s something new in the industry: Fundamental training lessons – already written for you by a leading industry expert. 

We are pleased to announce Marjorie Grimm’s Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics Training Program. This comprehensive program is unique in that the content and plenty of supportive teaching aids have already been packaged for you.  You simply purchase access to her lessons and downloadable materials and present it to your students–as many as you like.

Program author Marjorie Grimm states, “This training program is based upon a 100-hour curriculum of fundamental training lesson presentations which have been developed over my career in permanent cosmetics. There is a great need for fundamental training in the industry and I wanted to make it easier for trainers to be able to offer the theory to go along with the methods.”

When Grimm put together a a fundamental program for her students. she was advised she should sell her program and it intrigued her.  Grimm shares, “I wanted to see if my Fundamentals program could be of use to others.”  She sold this program to several trainers who wanted good fundamental training, but did not have the time or knowledge necessary to create their own comprehensive programs. 

Recently, conversations with other training experts in the industry revived Grimm’s interest in her fundamental program. She was encouraged to revise and update her content for new, relevant information and developments in the current permanent cosmetics scene. One of her colleagues suggested that she should put her training lessons on the internet. 

Marjorie states “I have become aware of the increase in online training, but I am not a very high-technology person. I was reluctant when I was first introduced to Karen Hodges who is an expert in online education platforms.” Hodges soon sold Grimm on her ability to provide secure hosting and order fulfillment services for her educational platforms. 

Grimm’s Fundamental program is unique — all the lessons are there, currently spanning 11 topics with more in development. An instructor’s manual, course syllabus, and integration schedule tying the lessons to the relevant sections of the SPCP’s textbook (for trainer who utilize this text in their programs) and several other downloadable teaching tools are available.  The lessons are available 24/7 online – the trainer logs in and delivers the lesson of the day.

“The lessons are not narrated,” says Grimm, “because every trainer has his or her own style and language. My talking points will help keep them on track and lessen the chance of forgetting things. Each class they conduct will be consistent from group to group.”

The first of its kind, this training program is comprehensive, yet allows each trainer with an access license to utilize the materials in their own custom programs.  “Each lesson stands alone and may be used…or not…for any given group of students,” says Grimm. Demonstrations and hands-on practice can be intermingled with the theory as the class progresses. “Best of all,” says Hodges, “the trainer gets access to the wealth of teaching and evaluation techniques Marjorie Grimm has accumulated over her career of educating a literal ‘Who’s Who’ list of PMU artists.” 

For more information on the Fundamental Cosmetics Training Program, read the course description.

If you are a trainer who needs a hosting site contact Karen Hodges for details. 

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