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by Kelly Cathcart on Learning Microblading
Learning Microblading

I can’t stress the importance of this introductory class enough.
If you are considering Permanent Makeup Artistry, please invest in this mini course before you choose your trainer/program.
This is an important checklist of all the things that make a PMU class a reliable one, and a list of red flags that should be avoided.
If you have questions, this course has your answers.
I highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for your feedback, Kelly! We hope to really help those wanting to enter the industry.

by Manisha Newman on Learning Microblading

The training covered information that is not included in other programs. The additional information is great for making sure that the investment made will not only be beneficial for training but also that it will fulfill requirements for the State and Insurance companies. I highly recommend.

Thank you, Manisha, for highlighting 2 important topics in this program! Best wishes...

Comprehensive Turn-key Program

Marjorie created a comprehensive fundamental program and it has been an asset for trainers for several years. She has recently gone through the strenuous task of developing an entirely new program so it will captivate the next generation of cosmetic tattoo professionals. This new program provides even more clear and concise information in a powerpoint presentation format for trainers to utilize in their live classroom presentations. Margie has added many new things to this program such as Psychology and Permanent Cosmetics, a very valuable addition, as we trainers must guide our students concerning how the clients will view their new procedures as a permanent life change. I received a sneak peak at the new program and I am so excited to present this to my students. This program is nothing like the one I previously taught from, and I am excited to introduce this new program to my incoming students. This program is a trainer's dream come true. I cannot wait to promote this to other trainers in this industry!

Thank you so much for your endorsement, Shanan. As one of the industry’s leading educators, your opinion is priceless!

by Jo Ann Diaz on Permanent Makeup Training
Experienced educators with top-of-the-line courses...

Great way to learn from the best - without having to travel. I look forward to participating in this unique platform. The owners and trainers have years of experience in developing concise and reliable programs to teach very relevant skills that the student can put to use immediately. Bravo!

We’re looking forward to seeing your enrollment! Thank you for your ever-present support, Jo Ann.

by Kristine Johnson on Permanent Makeup Training
Stellar educational experience

The owners of this educational platform are most certainly dedicated to creating top grade programs. It is evident in the content. You quickly become aware that you are learning from true educators who feed you factual information, with clear and concise delivery. When it comes to online training, this is where you need to be, where the pros are. Thank you for bringing this to our industry.

Thank you, Kris! We are proud to host educators of the highest caliber...there’s such a need!

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